Run your own game development business and create memorable games from scratch. Starting as a small indie developer with an ambition to create awesome games for players around the world, the path to become a recognizable studio is in your hands. Will you go additional mile to become a beloved and trusted developer or will you become a cash-grabbing microtransactions king in love-hate relationship with your players? The choice is yours.


We won’t go back in time, starting in the early days of gaming. What for? To wait for software to develop? To start creating games for Atari 2600 or Sega SG-1000? It was fun but history is not what we are focused on. We want to create awesome games and we believe you do too. And who is currently developing great games? Indie developers!

Become one of them and start creating your own games. Your first years will focus on gaining experience and recognition as you produce more games. We know it’s not the easiest of ways but that how every indie studio starts.

Eventually you will stand in front of a big decision – to work with an investor or to remain an independent studio. Either way will work but with different outcomes in the long run. Yes, your choice matters!