Keeping every idea noted down

The spark of a concept about creating a simulation game about creating video games was following me around for about four years. It was a fascination that started with Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart Games and stayed with me up to this day.

I was amazed at how fun that concept appeared to me. To combine the process of creating something and feeling of success when it’s finished. At that point I thought: I can make it even better. I have many ideas I’d love to see in this game!’. Fortunately, I was aware of how hard it may be to create a game from scratch – I worked earlier as a game designer for our local mobile game developer and had some experience in the industry.

As you can see by now, in those four years I have designed many features for the game, later named The Gamedev Company, and wrote them down in my notebooks. Plenty of notebooks apparently, as my ideas were randomly written in whatever I had nearby. There is not one specific book nor one big file where everything is written about this game. It will be, at some point in the development process, but not yet. Creating is a journey, sometimes a long one, and more than often it is realy messy. But I don’t care about that as it is leading to some great experience!

If you want to know what my ideas led up to, on 28th of November I will be launching a closed very early alpha to test the core mechanics of TGC.

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