Nothing is too ambitious

Sometimes you may feel like what you want to create is too big, requires too much work to handle. I often feel overwhelmed by my own projects and that’s good. It means that my creativity is on the rise and there are no limits to my imagination and ideas.

I started thinking about creating The Gamedev Company about four years ago and at first it was a small one-page concept. However, over the years it turned out to be much, much more than a simple concept it was in the beginning. Currently there are many elements that I didn’t even thought were needed back then. How many genres there should be? How should the hype be measured? Should marketing of the game be more than one campaign? Will there be any way to modify game projects during the development? There is nothing more terrifying and amazing at the same time than realising how big your concept became.

Ambition is good. You may be thinking that it is too much for you to handle but that’s not true. You have potential to create anything you want. Trust me, I am creating The Gamedev Company by myself. Isn’t it crazy?

How ambitious it my project? You will be able to check it (to some extention) by yourself on November 28th, in a very early alpha.

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