Here we go! Last two weeks were pretty rough but we managed to survive and grow… at least a little bit 🙂

Sadly, it wasn’t the best time for the development of The Gamedev Company. We hit the worst possible obstacle – hardware malfunction! How dare you fail me, you little piece of electronic scrap!

On the good side was a fact that there was a replacement and we could work on TGC besides the loss of hardware. We’re glad that the progress wasn’t completely stopped.

What has been done?

Well, to be honest – a lot!

Starting with having only basic UI and time management, we developed the beginning of game creation (writing a concept), basic financial management, starting score system, modified the concept stage and added music and UI sounds.

It may not sound like much but it’s much to do being a solo developer (still using we because why not?) and working full-time in thr “real job” to provide for family. Each step is like a leap when you code your game only one or two hours a day.

To sum it all up, the progress is pretty steady and the VEA date is still the same – 28th of November 2018. There will be more about the whole Very Early Alpha thing on the website soon. Until then, stay safe!

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