It’s a mysterious title isn’t it? Well, it will be pretty easy to understand: the acronyms are representing two systems The Gamedev Company will be running to estimate how good the game concept is and, in the future, how it will sell.

The Setting, the Premise and the Focus

First system is called SPF as an acronym for Setting, Premise and Focus that you can choose when creating a game concept. There are four correlations inside the SPF core: Focus-Genre, Setting-Subgenre, Premise-Focus, Premise-Setting.

The better the corellations seem to be, the better rating the concept will receive. It’s not a final note but a base which you can improve or impair by your actions in later stages.

Gamers Populi System

There is a number of gamers set in the beginning of each game. Inside the gamers community there are fans of different platforms, genres, subgenres and settings. These numbers are included in the GPS and will influance sales of your game.

It will also work the other way around as you will affect the gamers’ choices by making good or awful games in one genre/setting/platform or another. We plan to make each gameplay unique by giving you a chance to change the gaming industry.

So, what now?

The SPF system is currently being implemented and tested but the biggest challenge awaits: you will be able to check how your concept is rated in this system by getting into a Very Early Alpha of our game.

You can get a first-hand experience of VEA on November 28th this year! More info soon!

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