Hey there! It’s nice to see you here, I hope you’re doing great, as we truly are because…

We will soon reach the Very Early Alpha of The Gamedev Company! Hurray! Cheers, laughter and overall joy upon all of us! Yay!

OK, so now what?!

Well, coding our game is a pretty long process and we are still in the beginning of it all… Happily, it only encourages us to push our limits and create an even better game for all of you.

Reaching this milestone means a lot to us and we’d like to invite you to take part in the VEA and see in your own eyes how The Gamedev Company evolves and grows.

As the name suggests – it’s a VERY EARLY Alpha version of the game, so there surely are bugs but that’s the nature of an early access to game’s builds. We hope you’ll understand that.

To join our VEA please, sign up using this form: